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  1. Yesterday
  2. Well Done TiTaniUM Check your mail on TaxiMuV3 for rewards
  3. My Player Name : TiTaniUM
  4. Last week
  5. Goth & CodeNameSIN Well Done check your mail on TaxiMuV3 for Rewards! Keep sharing for growing TaxiMuV3 community! Thanks all for participation!
  6. IGN: CODEnameSIN http://storage/Emulated/0/ScreenshotTouch/Screenshot/Screenshot_2019-06-30_095828.jpg IGN: CODEnameSIN Donr Sharing @Admin
  7. Hi, I hope I did everything right now) Char : Goth
  8. Goth you can participate on this event for TaxiMuV3 only if you share the quoted text on this event main post ! Bdw this is for TaxiMuV3 not for v7 I wait for Your new TaxiMuV3 Screenshots
  9. Well Done Peaky ! Just check your mail on TaxiMuV3 game !
  10. Earlier
  11. Hi there, this is my 3 post on facebook my char name is Peaky Thanks for this event
  12. Well Done Mikail ! Just check your mail on TaxiMuV3 game !
  13. Done sir.. Char : Mikail Has the same name as Ahmad Taufiq above, but different people and different accounts
  14. Well Done Psycho! Just check your mail on TaxiMuV3 game !
  15. IGN:Psycho Username:senpai1120
  16. Yo don't understand the rules This text is what you need to share it on others gaming forums or socials media's and make screenshots where you share and post the screenshots here ! Text you need to share : TaxiMuV3 Website : Https://TaxiMu.Ro Forum : Https://JpJ.Ro  TaxiMuV3 it's a new MuOnline game for Android who can be played on PC's with some android Emulators. Just search on Google Market for TaxiMu and you can download it for free ! We have a fast automatic Vote reward with points who can be changed for items sets and Online Reward with diamonds and can be used to buy from game mall . We give you a free giftcode any week The full list of giftcodes free can be found on ower forum.  Free diamonds killing monsters and online time ! Free Diamonds , bound diamonds and green crystals on create account ! Free 12000 voting points when you first vote ! You can buy a 310 vip set with 10800 vote points
  17. S3 In game name:Psycho CP In game name:Psycho Username is senpai1120 IGN:Psycho Username:senpai1120 I have competed event 1 in IG and 2 in facebook!
  18. Well Done Arcatraz check your mail for rewards !
  19. My char Arcatraz too sir.. Thanks before
  20. I need your character not account Tell me your character where you want to recive the reward
  21. Done Sir... Accont : Arcatraz Thanks Before
  22. Gracias
  23. Ok kira your prize is on your mail on the game Enjoy !
  24. Usuario: jhoncito Personaje: Kira
  25. Yo're the best sir
  26. Well Done! Naughty92 Check Your mail on game for reward !
  27. Done master.. But i'm change the login account from Krakatau to Naughty in game.. ID : Naughty Char : Naughty92 Best Regards
  28. Just share the TaxiMuV3 and ill reward you
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