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    Hello TaxiMuV3 Players! Read carefully the Event Rules! If you are not completely all requirements you will not be rewarded ! 1. Copy this quoted text and share on 5 media's or 5 times but different days or hours ( not valid if you share 5 times one by one ! ) The friends tags need to be different to all 5 time shared ! 2. When you share you need to tag 5 friends and the 6 tag need to be my self or TaxiMuV3 For this you need to aggregate me or TaxiMuV3 to friends ! Facebook TaxiMuV3 : Https://facebook.com/TaxiMuV3 Facebook me : Florin Varteniuc (Cyfren ) Twitter : TaxiMuV3 Instagram : jpj.ro Telegram : TaxiMuBot 3. Make screenshots and reply here only when you have the 5 shares ! 4 . NOT VALID PARTICIPATION ! Are not valid if you not tag correctly ! Are not valid if you don't reply here with screenshots ! Are not valid if you send me the screenshots ! Are not valid if you don't share the quoted text ! 5 . The item will be FO Full Options and +20 6. This event can be repeated all Weeks only 1 participation for account !
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    Hello TaxiMuV3 players! Today is my Birthday and i want to make an event here with the owner permission! Event name : TaxiMuV3 Birthday Reward All players of TaxiMuV3 can claim a beautiful reward from their Birthday! Only need to add the owner of TaxiMuV3 on Facebook Florin Varteniuc ( Cyfren )and when will be the Real Birthday sending to him the name of your Character on TaxiMuV3. The gift will be send to your mail on game ! Happy Birthday to All TaxiMuV3 Players! Have 1 months after of before to claim your Birthday Gift ! The items are same or this Event and for claim your Birthday Reward you need to complete first this Event ! http://jpj.ro/index.php?/topic/51-event-time-for-all-v3-players/
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    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=540493073358835&id=100021944406871 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=540493073358835&id=100021944406871 done sir why havent i recieve anything..i had done it also..please check it
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    I'm done Username: dewa12 Nick game: Amagi-Zuvia
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    Each subscription have separated Giftcode! 1 . Subscribe on Https://TaxiMu.Ro When you first enter on the page you're get a popup with the subscription. Just follow the steps ! 2 . Follow us on Telegram and join our TaxiMuBot Http://telegram.me/TaxiMuBot Commands to use when you finish subscription inside the TaxiMuBot : /subscribe - are getting your giftcode and more subscribe info /website - info about our Websites /download - info about links download /donate - info about donation and discounts Have a nice stay on TaxiMuV3 ! Vote 4 us to grow up our Community! Thanks.
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    Well Done TiTaniUM Check your mail on TaxiMuV3 for rewards
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    My Player Name : TiTaniUM
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    1.--- First you need to have an account and enter in game 2.--- Click on Benefit 3.--- Click on Value rebate 4.--- Click on Recharge 5.--- Click on Valuable Return 6.--- Click on Vote for coins ! 12000 votecoins its added for default Down you have obtions to choice your set with your free coins or with your new coins if you will vote ! Good luck to all ! Pictures here :
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