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  1. Admin

    Game error!!

    V3 e inchis de mult joaca pe v7 ca e a lui fratemiu si a deschis un server nou aseară ;)
  2. Admin

    Game error!!

    Hi If you play V7 you need to send message on v7 Facebook page ! This forum is for v3 but its closed now
  3. Your Staff was sended
  4. Very well S.I.N. tel me your choicest item and ocupation please
  5. Admin


    You need to be friend with me and have your Birthday setuped on your profile Inly can claim one mouth before or after your Birthday! Enjoy WwW.TaxiMu.Ro
  6. Well Done Guinaugh-Mooze You was rewarded !
  7. Well Done Guinaugh-Mooze you was rewarded !
  8. Hello TaxiMuV3 Players! Read carefully the Event Rules! If you are not completely all requirements you will not be rewarded ! 1. Copy this quoted text and share on 5 media's or 5 times but different days or hours ( not valid if you share 5 times one by one ! ) The friends tags need to be different to all 5 time shared ! 2. When you share you need to tag 5 friends and the 6 tag need to be my self or TaxiMuV3 For this you need to aggregate me or TaxiMuV3 to friends ! Facebook TaxiMuV3 : Https://facebook.com/TaxiMuV3 Facebook me : Florin Varteniuc (Cyfren ) Twitter : TaxiMuV3 Instagram : jpj.ro Telegram : TaxiMuBot 3. Make screenshots and reply here only when you have the 5 shares ! 4 . NOT VALID PARTICIPATION ! Are not valid if you not tag correctly ! Are not valid if you don't reply here with screenshots ! Are not valid if you send me the screenshots ! Are not valid if you don't share the quoted text ! 5 . The item will be FO Full Options and +20 6. This event can be repeated all Weeks only 1 participation for account !
  9. iloveU4ever well done check your mail on TaxiMuV3! Buzzi.Potter i cant found any character name please provide the right character name !
  10. Well Done check your mail on TaxiMuV3 Suzaku !
  11. Well Done Kadsswallopp check your mail on TaxiMuV3!
  12. Ariel you shsre it the v7 Here are TaxiMuV3 your participation are not valid ! Character nane here ! Make same with your three screenshots
  13. alpha1526 Its ok let me know your Character name on TaxiMuV3 please I'll send your reward !
  14. Well Done Chuly and Amagi-Zuvia check your mail on TaxiMuV3 game!
  15. Each subscription have separated Giftcode! 1 . Subscribe on Https://TaxiMu.Ro When you first enter on the page you're get a popup with the subscription. Just follow the steps ! 2 . Follow us on Telegram and join our TaxiMuBot Http://telegram.me/TaxiMuBot Commands to use when you finish subscription inside the TaxiMuBot : /subscribe - are getting your giftcode and more subscribe info /website - info about our Websites /download - info about links download /donate - info about donation and discounts Have a nice stay on TaxiMuV3 ! Vote 4 us to grow up our Community! Thanks.
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