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  2. Donate 100.00 EUR and you get  Diamond Pack with Full options VIP 50 set(for life)+ VIP 12 + 200000000 diamonds & Montly Card !

    100.00 EUR

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  4. Hi all New gift code its ready ! WEEKEND5Enjoy TxiMu Server !
  5. wounderful package of MG magic type. Thank you for my package pack admin Handsome.
  6. Hi all TaxiMu invite you to use the new gift code: PASTEFERICIT YOU WILL HAVE A BIG SURPRISE Salutare Cu ocazia Pastelui TaxiMu va ureaza Paste Fericit ! si va invitam sa utilizati gift codul nou : PASTEFERICIT VETI AVEA O MARE SURPRIZA Hola a todos TaxiMu te invita que uses el nuevo codigo de regalo : PASTEFERICIT TENDRAS UNA GRAN SORPRESA Post on this forum all your problems and faster we will try to fix it !
  7. 1.--- First you need to have an account and enter in game 2.--- Click on Benefit 3.--- Click on Value rebate 4.--- Click on Recharge 5.--- Click on Valuable Return 6.--- Click on Vote for coins ! Down you have obtions to choice your set with your free coins or with your new coins if you will vote ! Good luck to all ! Pictures here :
  8. Hi For players who can't play Arena because can't see the fight button I let you here some screenshots with the solution http://vaugette.com/3sFq http://vaugette.com/3sGK http://vaugette.com/3sH4 http://vaugette.com/3sHb http://vaugette.com/3sI7
  9. If you need a gift list you can found it here http://vaugette.com/21AN
  10. Try thins link if you can't download the TaxiMuV3 client ! http://q.gs/Eq42J
  11. Hello everyone From today TaxiMuV3 it's officially open ! New DB so you need to create new account! Make your free Forum account and post here your problems, bugs... Download from here http://cesinthi.com/54Qv Enjoy your stay !
  12. If you want your reward you only need to make your new account from this link https://cryptomininggame.com/?ref=251571fbe6ee
  13. WwW.S9.TaxiMu.Ro Doar la noi puteti avea o conexiune de 1GB/s pentru ca serverul este hostat pe unul din cele mai bune dedicate de la Microsoft astfel incat săputeți avea parte de o partidă de MuOnline Original Licența si fara lag ! Http://s9.taximu.ro TaxiMu Season9 pentru Pc
  14. Admin


    Intrati pe WwW.TaxiMu.Eu sau descărcați aplicatia direct dinMagazinul de aplicatii android ! TaxiMu Origin pentru android si pc emulator!
  15. the new page for TaxiMu V3 is WwW.TaxiMu.Eu !
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TaxiMu V3 Android and Pc Emulators Http://TaxiMu.Eu


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